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mgt503 page 1 4th july updated

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Mostly MCQs were from

BCG matrix
SWOT analyses
Organsational structure
Decision Making Approaches
Leadership Style
Motivation Factors
Departmentalization etc...

Here are my Subjective Questions...
1- Define Strategy & Policy? (Marks 05)
2- Explain MBO in detail? (Marks 10)
3- Logically explain Motivators & Hygiene Factors. (Marks 10)
4- You are CEO of a restaurant chain. Who's mission statement states that
"To run a fast food change, providing quality of food with customer satisfaction" (statement was bit like this)
What will be your strategy, tactics and operational plans? (Marks 10)
& my friend has following questions
1- Define & explain BCG matrix?
2- SWOT analysis of Liver Brothers.
3- Types of Control

General definitions of these questions are as under, u can write your own according to the given case…

Q: Define Strategy & Policy? (Marks 05)
A policy is a general guide that specifies the broad parameters within which organization members are expected to operate in pursuit of organizational goals.

Q: Explain MBO in detail?
Management by objective (MBO) is a process through which specific goals are set collaboratively for the organization as a whole and every unit and individual within it; the goals then are used as a basic for planning, managing organizational activities, and assessing and rewarding contributions.
In Management by objectives (MBO) specific performance goals are jointly determined by employees and their managers, progress toward accomplishing these goals is periodically reviewed, and rewards are allocated on the basis of this progress.
1) MBO was first described by Peter Drucker and consists of four elements:
i) Goal specificity
ii) Participative decision making
iii) Explicit time period
iv) Performance feedback
2) MBO makes objectives operational through the process by which they cascade down through the organization.

Q: Logically explain Motivators & Hygiene Factors.
Hygiene factors are factors that eliminate dissatisfaction. They include things such as supervision, company policy, salary, working conditions, security and so forth—extrinsic factors associated with job context, or those things surrounding a job.

Hygiene factors are necessary to keep workers away from feeling dissatisfied. There are several hygiene factors.
a. Pay
b. Working conditions
c. Supervisors
d. Company policies
e. Benefits
Motivators are factors that increase job satisfaction and hence motivation. They include things such as achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement and so forth—intrinsic factors associated with job content, or those things within the job itself.

Motivator factor can only lead workers to feel satisfied and motivated.
a. Achievement
b. Responsibility
c. Work itself
d. Recognition
e. Growth and achievement

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