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Mgt301 7th july page 1

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Beta Corp. managers are allowed a great deal of autonomy and freedom,
but they must stay within their budgets and follow corporate
guidelines. Beta uses which of the following control?

► Accounting
► Bureaucratic
► Market
► Sector
Men tend to use which of the following leadership style?
► Employee-centered
► Interpersonal-centered
► Charisma-centered
► Task-centered

Which of the following leaders are perceived as agents of radical
change rather than as caretakers of the status quo?
► Charismatic
► Situational
► Readiness
► EnvironmentalWhich one of Fayol’s 14 principles of management
helps preserve the concept of a continuous line of authority?

► Unity of demand
► Unity of command
► Demand structure
► Continuous demand

The process of managing the entire sequence of integrated activities
and information about product flow is called:

► Total Quality Management
► Supply Chain Management
► Kaizen
► Value Chain Management

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