Friday, July 10, 2009

MTG603 9th july updated page 1

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can be the most important force impacting competitive advantage. ► The bargaining power of suppliers ► The bargaining power of distributors ► The bargaining power of consumers ► All of the mentioned options
To perform an external audit, a company first must: ► Get an approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission ► Perform an internal audit ► Gather competitive intelligence and information about external trends ► Hire a consultant to develop a comprehensive strategic plan.
Whenever new firms can easily enter a particular industry, the intensity of competitiveness among firms______________. ► Stays the same ► Increases
► Decreases ► Neutralize
A standardized, detailed set of techniques and behaviors that manage anxieties, but seldom produce intended, technical consequences of practical results are called__________. ► Folktales ► Rite ► Metaphor ► Rituals
Using a Grand Strategy Matrix approach, what strategies are recommended for a firm that is a strong competitor in a rapid-growing market? Elaborate on what these strategies could mean for an electronics company.
Discuss similarities and dissimilarities of restructuring and reengineering.
Why vision and mission are different. Are both necessary for organizations?
QSPM (Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix) is not without limitations” Discuss.

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