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vu final term project cs619 Survey Builder Project 2012 for sale

Survey Builder Project 2012
Code : Ready on Demand
Price : 22000rs

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Cell No : 03455242488

Survey Builder

The purpose of this project is to develop a Survey Builder that can generate different kind of surveys for different domains and industries. The generated surveys could be available to the internet users on web, also these surveys can be conducted in the field workers on laptops as Desktop application. System will also allow us to print the whole survey on plain paper so that surveys can be conducted any where by any one. System will provide interface to save these paper surveys in our local or global database. After conducting these surveys, surveyor will synchronize the data with main database using web services so that all the collected data can be used for detailed reporting and analysis. Detailed and complex reporting is the key for this project. Both graphical and text reports are required to show the results for the surveys being conducted so that results can be used in the future for business purposes. This project consists of 5 parts:

Survey Engine
Web Interface
Desktop Interface and PDA Interface

Survey Engine

Survey Engine will be used to generate different kind of surveys for different domains and industries. Each Survey will further consist of different type of questions and each question has its own type e.g. there can be multiple choice questions, Questions having true/false answers and so on: This module has following sub modules:

Management of Surveyors or Admin Users.
Management of Surveys and Survey Generations
Management of Questions Types and Question
Security and Access Rights Management
Reports Generation
Publishing Surveys for web, PDA and desktops

Web Interface

The web interface will be available to the internet or LAN users. The web interface will be capable of rendering different questions and question types to the web users. The results of these surveys will be saved in the main database for future use. This module is following requirements:

User Management
Survey User Management
Conducting Surveys
Report Generation

Desktop Interface

This interface will be used when there is no internet or user does not have access to the web interface. This interface will be used by field works on laptops. This interface should be capable of rending different questions and questions type for desktop application. The results of surveys will be saved in any local database. Once internet facility is available then surveyor will synchronize the local data with main database using Synchronizer. This module has following sub modules:

User Management
Survey Management
Report Generation on local data


Synchronizer will be used to sync data of local database with main database. It will be written in the form of web service. This web service will be accessible through web and can be called by surveyor to sync the surveys local data with main database. It should be intelligent enough to sync only the data that has not yet synchronized.


Detailed and complex reporting is the key for the whole project. Both graphical and text reports are required to show the results for the surveys being conducted so that results can be used in the future for business purposes. This module has following sub modules:

Reports Configurations and User Rights Assignments
Printing of Surveys of Plain Papers
Report Generation on Global Data (Both graphical and text)

Multiple Sequence Alignment Quality Assessment Tool cs619 final project 2012

MQAT: Multiple Sequence Alignment Quality Assessment Tool

Code     :      Ready on Demand

Price      :    18000rs
Mail-ID         :
               Cell No : 03455242488
Multiple Sequence Alignments (MSAs) have significant role in the downstream analysis which includes identifying conserved patterns through evolution, functionally important residues, protein secondary and tertiary structure and the nsSNPs (non synonymous Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) that have a basic role for altering a protein function. MSAs, thus, have become an active area of research in the domain of bioinformatics. A large number of MSA methods are available such as Clustalw, SATe,T-Coffe, Muscle, MAFFT, Kalign etc., but none of them is capable of producing a correct alignment for all situations. Therefore, to have knowledge of the most accurate MSA method in the initial stage of a biological research work is very essential and important which may help in choosing the right MSA method for the right situation.
Reference alignment may be constructed either based on actual data by a MSA method and then enhance its accuracy by making some editing by hand or through a simulated tool such as  indel-Seq-Gen (Strope et al. 2009), Rose (Stoye et al. 1998), Simprot (Pang et al. 2005) etc. Alignment generated by a MSA method for the purpose of testing its accuracy is called test alignment.  Currently, very few MSA comparing tools are available and they have also some deficiencies; firstly, they are unable to manage alignments comprising of even few thousands of sequences; secondly they have implemented one or two scoring functions to compare MSAs. Thus, they are not comprehensive tools for comparing MSAs.
You will develop ‘MQAT’ is a graphical user interface based application that will compare two or more test alignments with reference alignments using various scores such as SPS and CS  etc. MQAT will display various statistics and graphs/charts of results of comparison of the alignments. MQAT will also enable a user to print results in PDF, JPEG or text form. The most notable feature of MQAT is that it can manage thousands of biological sequences. A user will be able to save all the activities performed in MQAT in XML format.
For further information abut SPS,CS and other relevant terms/concepts read the document titled as ‘Assessing Multiple Sequence Alignments Using Visual Tools’.

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check online all bise board Rawalpindi,Lahore results 9th class on15th August, 2012

check online all bise board Rawalpindi,Lahore results for 9th class on15th August, 2012
Student's are excited to have their result of bise for all major board of Punjab in Pakistan they can check the result of their own board. In Punjab Pakistan only 8 Boards exists which list can be found on below.

  1. check online BISE Faisalabad 9th class Result 15 August 2012
  2. check online BISE DG khan 9th class Result 15 August 2012
  3. check online BISE Rawalpindi 9th class Result 15 August 2012
  4. check online BISE Gujranwala 9th class Result 15 August 2012
  5. check online BISE Sargodha 9th class Result 15 August 2012
  6. check online BISE Multan 9th class Result 15 August 2012
  7. check online BISE Lahore 9th class Result 15 August 2012
  8. check online BISE Bahawalpur 9th class Result 15 August 2012
Student's can have their online result and they can check them on our website. We will be guiding them for these results. So if you have any kind of query please do register and post on our website. We will be answer you for these questions.

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Social Networks Marketing Engine cs619 project for sale

Social Networks Marketing Engine project is for sale with full documentation 03435735329

Social websites like Face book and Twitter have become very popular recently and they could potentially provide valuable information such as current market trend. The general goal of this project is to understand the underlying social networks, extract useful information, and utilize the collected data in decision making. Here are some issues that can be addressed in the project.

Here we are aimed to develop a system with high level capability of offering more enhanced marketing support. Here our proposed system will extract useful features regarding customer habits and likes to form a database and offer the related ads or promotions for that category.

Scope of System

System will offer a great deal of capability for more targeting business marketing. Here we will target the products or services to customer with similar behavior, likes and dislikes. This system will be more efficient regarding offering a great deal of support for more enhanced business support for its clients.

System Overview

1. Design a model to capture the structure of a social network.

By crawling social websites, a model about relationship between users can be built. Various statistics can be obtained, such as who the most popular users are. Here we can implement this system to a social network website where we can extract the user likes and dislikes based behavior.

2. Model the spread of information.

By tracking how new topics are discussed between users, one can form models on describing how a new phenomenon is spread in a network, for instance, the awareness of a new gadget such as iPad.

3. Utilize the social structure in decision making.

After learning how information is spread in a network, advertisers can target specific users to promote their products. Moreover, the spread of the opinions of users on a product can be used to give the projection of a product's sales, which is helpful for making marketing decisions.

Function Requirements

Here are the main functional requirements of the system:

  • System need to extract the required client features, discussions and points from the social network
  • System need to save database
  • System need to categories them on the basis of user behavior/ business needs/ likes/ dislikes
  • System need to develop list of people with similar interest
  • System need to offer a targeted promotional ad to a specific class of users

Non-Functional Requirements

Major non-functional requirements of this system are:

  • Simple system user interface
  • Easy navigation of system
  • Error free system
  • Accurate results development
  • Simple handling of system
  • Greater accessibility
  • User customization support
  • Higher Security for users
  • Systems reports customization

cs619 Poultry Farming System is for sale spring 2012

Poultry Farming System project is for sale with full documentation 03435735329

In Pakistan the consumption of white meat and eggs has gradually increased in recent years due to growing health awareness. The cheapest source of animal protein available in Pakistan is broiler meat and eggs. Poultry applies to a wide variety of birds of several species including chicken, pigeons, ducks, ostriches, quails etc but for this system it will cover up two common type of chicken i.e one for meat purposes and one for eggs production.


1. Poultry Farm information: Id, Name, Location, Area, Rent etc

2. Breed Type: Some breeds which are called Layers are for eggs production and after two or three years, breeds are sold out for meat when the egg production decreases. Some are for meat productions only called broilers i.e they don’t lay eggs. These breeds are for only 40 days almost and sold out for meat purposes.

3. No. of Birds purchased i.e Hens/Cocks, Rate per bird, Total Cost on purchasing

4. Feed procurements: Rate per bag/ total cost of feed

5. Health and disease Expenses: To ensure continuous production of chicken and eggs, your chickens should be regularly checked by veterinarians to ensure their health

6. Employees Pay to and other expenses

7. Feed Usage

8. Number of eggs sale / Rate per Egg, Total sale

9. Hens/Cocks Sales

10. Waste Sale

11. Different types of reports should be generated according to the user input, Total expenses Reports i.e if the administrator wants to see only expenses of feed then the view should be only for feed expenses.

12. Total Sale of chickens and sale of egg farm wise

13. Day wise egg production percentage

14. Total expenses, total sale and income farm wise and total farm wise

15. Printing facility for reports

Note: The above mentioned are the minimum features. More features can be added. So try to extract more functional requirements from each feature by visiting the poultry farms.


Ø Administrator

Ø User

Tools and Technologies:

It will be a Desktop application using Microsoft.Net/Java as front end tool and MS SQL server or MySQL as backend database.

Multipurpose Viva Exam System (Mobile & Web) cs619 for sale

Multipurpose Viva Exam System

(Mobile & Web) project is for sale with full documentation 03435735329

This system will provide the facility of entering marks of students in a live environment, such as in viva voce examination. The viva panel members will register through the web interface of the application. Once registered, the panel members can use the application installed on their cell phones, to connect to the main system, and enter marks. This will be handled via bluetooth i.e. the connection between main system and mobile application will be implemented using Bluetooth technology. At the end of viva voce examination, the system will gather all the entered marks and calculate average marks which will be sent to the main system. When the marking will be completed, the web based system will calculate the total marks for student and generate a final marking sheet in PDF or DOC format. Following are further details for this project:

Application Type: This is a twofold application; there will be a web based application and a mobile based application.


Administrator (for approving new registration and any other administrative tasks)

Viva Panel Member

Supervisor (Supervisor is also a Viva Panel Member)

Features (Mobile Based Interface):

1. Connect and authenticate the user (Viva Panel Member).

2. After successful authentication, provide the marking interface, containing list of students scheduled on today date. The list of students scheduled will be provided via web interface (detail in web based interface section).

3. The connection and communication between mobile and main systems should be implemented via Bluetooth.

4. Once the marks are entered, the mobile client will send the marks to the main system (provided in web based system).

5. The main system will allow update of marks up till 10 minutes from the first entry of marks. In this case the Viva Panel Member will use the same mobile application to enter the marks again.

6. The web based system will send an SMS alert as acknowledgment to the respective Viva Panel Member (there are 3 panel members including the supervisor).

Features (Web Based Interface):

1. It will provide registration system for Viva Panel Members.

2. It will be a typical marking system that can be used all alone (in case the mobile client is not available or cannot be used). So it will provide the same interface for entering marks as in the mobile client.

3. It will allow scheduling of students (schedule will be based on date and time). The typical attributes can be: Group-ID, Student-ID, Student-Name, Project-Title, Viva Date etc.

4. After the complete entry of marks in the system, it will store the average marks.

5. Generation of final marks should also be provided. The format should be either PDF(.pdf) or Word document (.doc). So that the marks sheet can be printed.

Tools and Technologies:

For web application: Microsoft.Net, Java

For mobile application: J2ME, Android

vu final project Online Restaurant Coupon Deals

Online Restaurant Coupon Deals project is for sale with full documentation 03435735329

Online Restaurant Coupon Deals

Core Website Elements

The website will include the following core elements:

§ Elegant & Interactive Design

§ Home page with latest news, offers etc.

§ General content pages for static information (About Us, Services, Contact Us etc.)

§ Dynamic search engine

§ Image gallery and dynamic flash header module

§ News/Events

§ Online payment gateways (Paypal)

§ Email notifications

§ Website Feed

§ Newsletter subscription form

§ Affiliate system with complete commission tracking and b2b/b2c options

§ Blogs

§ Newsletter subscription form

§ Contact / enquiry forms

§ Live Chat/Live Help as an option

§ All managed by a bespoke CMS

General Content Pages The section is for all type of visitors/members, the main pages will be:

§ Home page

§ About us

o Why us

§ News & Events

o Latest News

o Special Offers

§ Careers

o Current Openings

o Online Application Form

§ Contact Us

o Corporate Office

o Management

o Feedback Form

§ Terms, Privacy, Returns, Etc


§ Google Maps Integration

Shows deal location on a Google Map

§ Side Deals

ability to run multiple deals for the same city at the same time

§ Unique Deal Media Feature

You can upload multiple images and even embed videos for every deal. They appear as a cool slideshow on the user end

§ Barcodes

unique barcode for every coupon.

§ Create/Modify Options

General: location, time zone, name

Start/End Date & Time

Coupons Expire Date & Time age - 7

Minimum amount of buyers required to activate the deal

Maximum amount of buyers

Coupons per user limit

Original value and discounted price percentage calculated automatically

§ User Interface

Subscription Prompt

During the first visit user is suggested to subscribe to a newsletter. Admin can make

Subscription mandatory - users won't be able to access the rest of the site until they subscribe.

Share deal via email, face book and twitter

pricing info (value, price, and discount percentage)

"Time left to buy" countdown with dynamic update of hourglass image

"Bought/Required to buy" visual slider

Company info and reviews

Ability to select another city

Newsletter subscription

Browse recent deals

Users Registration / SignUp

§ Basic signup

email and captcha verification can be enabled/disabled from admin

§ Resend verification email feature

§ Reset password ("forgot your password") feature

§ Account

Upload image

Change info and password

§ My Coupons

List of user's coupons filtered by available/used/expired status

Ability to print coupon

Ability to mark coupon as used


§ Admin can allow/disallow company owners to

Edit company info

Create/edit company reviews

Modify deals (basic info only)

Create/modify deals (full)

§ Company owner can

Create/edit stuff according to access level (see above)

Manage deals and track viewed/bought statistics

Mark coupons as used

Export coupons into CSV format and print that list

City Managers

§ Can create/edit companies

§ Can credit/edit deals

§ Admin can specify which cities city manager should have access to


Script automatically extracts visitor location from their IP and shows deals for their city

Gift Module

§ Coupons

users can buy coupon as a gift

users can input recipient name, email and custom message

users can choose to print coupon themselves or send it via email to the recipient

§ Gift Cards

users can buy gift cards

users can input recipient name, email, custom message and select gift card amount

users can choose to print gift card themselves or send it via email to the recipient

admin can set maximum and minimum allowed gift card amounts