Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vu voice chat and webcam chat share documents

Our vu page now got updated with the chat server you may chat with friends share documents with them and also can do more things. it is enabled with voice and cam. So its better to do the group chat and check it with your self see the image and the server is in the end of the page just first login by clicking on the connect fellow and then ur nick will appear otherwise u will come as guest. so for new user kindly register see the snap shots which show the working of

Click on sign in for registeration u can register with a google yahoo skype ids or an open id. So after that you will see that you are sign in with your name. so then scroll down the page and see the chat room like for example vuhelps nick name is there that's mean it is login with vuhelps name. so kindly do share your information and invite your friends. this bar which is shown in figure its called social bar.
When you dont take membership by default you come to chat room with Guest name if already a guest is sitting then you will get a number with guest12685 like this.So it is recomended that come in chat with your member name.

For more information please feel free to contact with

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