Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MTH 302 7th july update 1

MTH302 (Business Mathematics & Statistics)
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Q: # 01:-
a) How many ways are there of arranging 6 flags of different colors, where 1 color chose at a time. (5)
b) A bag contains 9 balls, 5 of which are yellow and 4 are black. In how many ways 3 yellow balls and 2 black balls can be drawn? (5)

Q: # 02:-
A fair coin is tossed 7 times. What is the probability that the head may appear 5 times? (5)

Q: # 03:-
Probability of success in a medical treatment is 85%. What is the probability of 35 successes out of 42 treatments? Use BINOMDIST function for calculation. (5)

Q: # 04:-
The Probability of wet days in current month = 35%. What is the probability of 2 or more wet days next week? (5)

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