Sunday, July 5, 2009

DBMS 4th july paper updated


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Total 41 Questions
In which 30 are MCQ’s 1 marks each and 11 questions.

1. Write the first step to change logical database into physical database? (1 marks)
2. Write range of Tinyint? (1 marks)
3. Write two types of interfaces? (2 marks)
4. Define a COMMIT? (2 marks)
5. Write advantage of DELETE command over TRUNCATE (3 marks)
6. Write importance of queries? (3 marks)
7. Why LOST UPDATE problem occurs? (3 marks)
8. Define VIEWS with security mechanism? (5 marks)
9. Define SEMI join? (5 marks)
10. Two tables are given with queries we have to tell that whether queries are VALID or INVALID? (10 marks each)

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