Thursday, July 2, 2009

cs101 Objective Page 2nd july

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28 objectives were from old papers out of 30.

What is Array? Marks 2
what is computer prrofessional? Marks 2
define onLoad and onUnload? Marks 2
waht is time bomb? Marks 2
what is bandwidth? Marks 2
"while" loop is more preferable than "For" loop? Marks 3
sementic web and present web? Marks 3
can we replace a human doctor by Expert system? Marks 5
Difference Internt and intranet? Marks 5
ways of navigation Heuristics? Marks 5
event handling?

Define network organization and its advantages? Marks 10

Coding Guidline and guidlines for short programs? Marks 10

Dewelop a web page that displays six thumbnails
images. A main image should be changed to a large
version of thumbnail as soon as the mouse moves
over the thumbnail. Write complete html and java script? Marks 10

characteristics of Internet? Marks 10

Profile and responsibilities of Team Leader? Marks 10

due to computer how many jobs are available and
how many jobs are eliminated? Marks 10

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