Friday, July 10, 2009

MTH302 9th july updated page 3

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Use Excel function NPV to find the net present value of investment when annual discount is 9%,
initial cost of investment one year from today is 150000. Return from first year is Rs 22000. Return from
Second year is 45000; return from third year is 35000.

Find the single discount rate that is equivalent to the series 20%, 15%, 9%.
For the following data Marks 5 Day Period. Data 1 Morning 68 Afternoon 29 Evening 78 2 Morning 41 Afternoon 72 Evening 61 3 Morning 58 Afternoon 89 Evening 60 a). Find the moving average. Also plot line graph of moving averages. Marks 5 b). A Surgery is successful for 55% patients. What is the probability of its success in at least 3 cases out of randomly selected 5 patients. Use BINOMDIST of Excel function.

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