Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Exam of Cs601

Cs601 Final Exam
What is multiplexing give 3 types and discribe?
What is CRC?
What is bit stuffing?
Write the TDM and its types and one of the Implementation in Detailed?
What is LRC?
How CRC Work without error on the reciver?
Rest of the MCQ's are from the book you may solve them to get the maximum marks.
What is the Haming code?
Write about the LLC and MAC? and there difference.
Feel free to give comments on about all the exams and it will be display on this vuhelps plate form. or call or sms at 03455242488

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Best Wishes For All said...

I ve also attempted my MKT paper
The paper was very easy but unfortunately i couldn't get full reward
Key Features are:
There were 50 Mcqs mostly from Pricing,Place and Promotions.,hardly
no any quiz from 1st 20 lec.

A 5 marks quiz i.e about "Do u think newspaper is the BEST advertising
Media? Justify ur answer"
Three 10 marks quiz one was about What is E-marketing? Its benefits
2nd was abt Wholesaler role in channel function
3rd was abt Logistic functions that give the benefit both the customer
and company

I hope U guys understand
Take care