Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cs201 intro to programming 2

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There are almost 3 to 4 questions regarding Template Classes ,
1. Do friend function have access to template classes.
2. Template class is not good for reuse of Code.
2 questions were regarding Destructor
1. Can destructor be overloaded? Marks 1
2. Can destructor be overloaded , if not justify your answer. Marks 3.
1 assignment was from Assignment No. 5 , which have 2 classes , one is Date and second is Person.
1 assignment was to make class Register , which have the data member of cashOnHand and member functions of getcash() , cashwithdraw(), cashdeposit() . Both assignments were of 10 number eachhhhhhhhhh.
3 questions were related to oct and Hexa strings like
int i;
cin >> oct>> i;
cout << hex<< i;
I couldnt figure it , but 3 questions were like this.
1 question was of Input Stream functions , explain each function . Marks 5
There wasn't many questions on array or pointer in my test.

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