Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ENG201 with MCQ updated 6th july

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To create a memorable speech the subject of the speech should be related to---------------.
(a) Government’s needs.
(b) Media’s needs
(c) Audience’s needs
(d) None of above
Which of the following should be essentially considered during speeches and presentations?
a- Dress ► b- Time ► c- Microphone d-none of the above
-------------- is a nonverbal communication conveyed by posture and movement.
a- expressions ► b- body language ► c- nodding of head ► d- none of the above
Implication of a word or a suggestion separate from the usual definition is called
a- Denotation ► b- Connotation ► c- implementation. ► d- none of the above
Buffer of a bad news should be
a- explanatory ► b- neutral ► c- positive ► d- negative
All seven C's can apply to
a- Oral communication ► b- Written communication. ► c- Both of the above. D none of the above
Written defamation is called
a- Slander ► b- Libel ► c- Written disagreeable opinions. ► d- None of above.
A semicolon is more --------- than the comma.
a- Formal ► b- Informal ► c- Useful.
D none of the above
Salutations are used in
a- memorandums ► b- Letters ► c- Informal speech.
None of above.
A visual consisting of parallel bars representing specific data is called
a- Line graph
b- Pictogram

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