Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Use full tip in Vu Exam System get Maximum time in Examination computer Lab.

Use full tip in Vu Exam System get Maximum time in Examination computer Lab.
For vu exam system we have given a login name and a password. When we enter the login name and password the request sended to the server and it authenticate us. So the way to treat server we can get maximum time as compare to the original time as per rule of vu exam system. Its actually the flaw inside the server. That I realize by doing some work during the exam start. Well let see how it works.
When you enter your id and password inside the client as the browser is configure as the client then you press login and a window comes and changes that the exam is started and the clock started tick tick. So after login you see that are on question no 1. So you can see there are buttons down. For go to next question save etc. Also a bar which can take u to any question when u change the variable location of it by holding it with mouse. So when u r login and u r on the first question the first thing u have to do is to click on a button which will take u to the end of the exam question. Buy doing this the first command when everyone is login and attempting the exam the server get’s busy. You can view it status during your exam. So its on LAN(Local Area Network). That’s why it is doing so. Then your system will be hang for a while and also the time the clock will run slowly. So it will give you some extra minutes. Also you can complain to them that the system where u r attempting the exam is not working fine. It will stop the exam only for you and you have the chance to think about the last 10 marks question. So they will restart and your time will be increased by rule of vu. So also if you can unplug the wire of the lancard for few seconds it also can increase your time on the server. These are few tips which can really help you out during the exam to get the maximum time as compare to other by the rule of vu exam system.
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