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Make computer faster manually

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Computer is very advanced now days also the application programs we install on them are also getting heaver day by day. When we install a program after one month we get the updates for it. So when we update our software and then it take more memory to work fine other wise it gives that low memory sign on the task bar. So one should over come on it. We always update application software and don’t work on it. Just want to satisfied that we got all the latest versions on our pc even if we don’t want use them all but we still want the newer version its by nature. But as a student of Vu we should learn that if a software is working fine and giving the desired work so we don’t need to update or install the newer version for this we have to install the new memory or may be increase the processing speed so by installing the newer hardware. So it will be expensive and the old one will go in scarp. No body will be willing to buy it. So that’s why here I am pointing out some use full techniques which I personal used to increase the efficiency of the computer and its working fine. But you should look up them.

Internet Messenger’s.
Most of us use internet messenger the very famous internet messengers are MSN, Yahoo. Google Talk and Skype etc. when we install them all at once on our pc and when the windows boot up they take a lot of memory and put their self to the startup so when the windows start it take 2 to 3 minutes minimum.
Most of us now a days got the DSL connection so it automatically connect to the servers and get online. So it also take memory and don’t’ release it. I m pointing out these all because in the end I will tell you the result how to over come on them.
When going to chat rooms in yahoo messenger it take almost half of the compute memory and make computer slower and u have nothing to do by just restart and its not the right answer.

Internet Explorer.
We got a genuine internet explorer built-in with out windows xp or vista. But some of us prefer like google chrome, firefox or opera. Also some got the maximum speed and they prefer to install the newer version of internet explorer 8 (IE 8) even they don’t realize that their machine is not suitable for the updates they really don’t need this. But they do so. Then the result computer get slower day by day. Even some of us don’t delete the cookies of the computer and keep working on it. By default it delete cookies (Internet temporary) files after 20 days. So it also take memory and make computer slower. Actually we are not in habit to delete them manually.

Multimedia software’s.
Multimedia software’s are now a days online and they keep checking the updates and stuff like this so with this they are getting more memory when the computer is on and keep checking the updates and then like blink appear like msn messenger and say you need to update this plug-in.(Even we don’t need this one) some of us don’t know why we are installing this plug-in and for what purpose? Also when we play the music audio file we put the animations on it and the animations take the memory and make computer slower.

Installing Antivirus:
We install antivirus without consulting anybody which one is the best and which one take less memory and made for what machine. Some of us even install two antivirus and update them regularly (Which is good) but don’t need two. One works fine. When antivirus get expired we don’t uninstall it or we try but don’t know how it will be uninstall from our computer. So in the result it take more memory.

Installing Screen Savers and Games.
We are living in digital world now. So we want our machine to look like matrix (movie). So we install the screen savers from different websites and they take memory and make our computer very slow also we install games on our system and the games get the virus with their and also that machine is not for the working purpose its just for the gaming like we are now working for some multimedia troubleshooting analyst. It makes our computer slower and makes it crash sometime.

These are the few things which I mention and I will tell you how to over come them in a very gentle way without installing anything to your computer by just do it yourself manually. Which will give you expertise and you will learn more.
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