Thursday, July 2, 2009

Marketing Paper

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Plz Note that Unlike Mids, all questions (MCQs & Sub..) r conceptual, so make ur concepts clear. Especially Read Last Two Lectures (44 & 45) before starting lecture 23 onward, caz it is the summery of all previous (1- 22) lectures.

1- Define Direct Marketing & also explain its benefits. (Marks- 05)

2- Define Nonstore Retailing? there are many ways of decision making in non store retailing, define at least three of them. (Marks- 10)

3- Mr. Danish is a Marketing Head in UBL Bank. What is Sales Force ? How Mr. Danish will manage activities of his Sales force? (Marks- 10)

I m sorry I dnt remember the 4th one, I vl post as soon as I hav that.


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rabeel if u could plz provide me with more mcqs on marketing mgt301 then it would be quite helpful for me.coz m not well prepared for exams and quizes help alot in prep. but we've given only one quiz of marketing thats y i havnt got plenty of mcqs of this sub. ma ppr is on wednesday if u cld get me those till tuesday then it wld be qt helpful.