Saturday, July 4, 2009

DBMS 4th july paper

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Q. Explain the mechanism of LOCKING ? aslo expalin the two types of operation ( read, write) the transction on object? 10 Marks

Q, Briefly explain RAID? and aslo the striping meathod in RAID? 10 Marks

Q, What is Transction? what are the properties of ACID? 5 Marks

Q. What is the importance of De-normalization in DBSM? 5 Marks

Q,What are 3 benifits of using VIEW? 3 Marks

Q. Tell the major difference b/w SQL and other convention programming Langages? 3 Marks

Q. Name of two approaches to create tables for the DATABASE? 2 Marks

Q. When a query is sent to the DATA BASE and an index is not being used, What type of execuation is taking place? 2 Marks

Q. What is procecdual of DML? 2 Marks

Q. What Commands udes to drop the VIEW? 2 Marks

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