Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Exam of Eng201

Make is your default page
Eng201 Exam

The paper was very easy but unfortunately i couldn't get full reward
Key Features are:
There were 50 Mcqs mostly from Pricing,Place and Promotions.,hardly
no any quiz from 1st 20 lec.

A 5 marks quiz i.e about "Do u think newspaper is the BEST advertising
Media? Justify ur answer"
Three 10 marks quiz one was about What is E-marketing? Its benefits
2nd was abt Wholesaler role in channel function
3rd was abt Logistic functions that give the benefit both the customer
and company
Kindly do send more papers to and help all the students Vuhelps is the right plateform and keep update with it by make it as default of your explorer and view the latest information about all kinds of exam.

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Muhammad Tariq said...

2 Long Question carry on 10 10 marks
1# what is proposal define in the detailed?
2# write the report of you'r Zone manager to ,observation of send class Hotels in your city ?
3 sort question carry 5 marks
1#what is outline-questions?
2#how many types of sentences?
3# what is the title label and title pages?
4#what is the important fact of general report ?
5#what is the fact of proposal ?