Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Management and HRMS 7th july

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Leadership will mostly be considered failed if:
► Leaders are appointed by top management
► Leader established high goals to be achieved
► Leader also plays the role of a manager in an organization
► Followers stop sharing their issues with a leader

If the frequency of banned behavior of an employee increases, it is better to:
► Provide employee some sort of counseling
► Inform top management about it and take no action
► Monitor employees’ behavior on regular basis
► Increase the intensity of the disciplinary action against him

z1251252000: Expertise in a particular field/area helps leaders in:
► Building their power to influence followers
► Increasing their referant power to influence others
► Enhancing their political network
► Creating upward communication channel

____________ refers bringing a manager back home after a foreign assignment has been completed.
► Expatriation
► Repatriation
► Culture shock
► Expatriate failure

Amjad is a Pakistani born national who is working in Saudi Arabia as a HR manager for an American company. So, Amjad is a/an:
► Expatriate
► Third-country national
► Home-country national
► Host-country national

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