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MTH302 9th july updated page2

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A shopkeeper borrowed Rs 20000 from two money lenders, he paid X% interest on first loan and (X+2)% interest on second loan per annum. Where 6 ≤ X ≤ 25. After one year if he paid rupees 2500 in total then how much rupees he borrowed from each lender. Marks 4 b) Find the compounded interest rate percent per annum, if Rs 2000 amounted to Rs 3000 in y years ; y = 2, 3 ,4 (choose any one of them), Interest is considered half –yearly. Marks 4 c) Take x number of persons in any three families and divide each family in three categories No of men, No of women, No of children, and make their matrix. ( where 6 ≤ X ≤ 17) Since the recommended daily requirement of calories for three categories is Men = 2500gm, Women = 2000gm, Children = 1800gm, And the requirement of protein for three categories is Men = 55gm, Women = 45gm, children = 35gm, Find the total requirement of calories and protein for each family, by using multiplication function of matrices in Excel.
Suppose you purchase a car, the cost of car is last six digits of your VU ID, if useful life of the car is 5 years and the value of car at the end of deprecation is 25% of cost of the car then finds deprecation for each year by using Excel function.

Suppose a set of 50 cards numbered with 20 to 70 (Take integers only) , select 10 cards from them and make a data array of integers then find Mean, Median and Mode of the data.

Take the each batsman score of batting line up of one inning from any cricket match you like in which at least 10 batsmen had made scores, make the data array of scores (Runs), from this data, a) Find standard deviation and Variance. Marks 5 b) Find all Quartiles and Quartile Deviation.
The National Logistic Cell (NLC) is studying the relationship between the number of bidders on a highway project and the winning (lowest) bid for the project. i) Sketch the original data on the graph. Marks 2 ii) Determine is there any degree of association between number of bidders and the winning (lowest) bid? And what type of association is there between the number of bidders and the winning (lowest) bid. Marks 4 iii) Determine the mathematical equation of the winning (lowest) bid on the number of bidders on a highway project. Then also estimate the amount of the winning bid if there are seven bidders.

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