Saturday, July 18, 2009

Make computer fast answer

Now lets look closely the solutions of these problems which we face in our real life.
Removing startup program’s:
When we install the program it also get in startup and when we boot the windows it also execute and connect to the internet and take resources which make computer slower. Even we don’t need it. But it still works like this. So to over come this problem we have to work on this small lab.
Click on start button then click on run and type msconfig and hit enter.
You will see this window and click on startup like I did. You can see the startup item here. Two messenger and also Microsoft office which I usually don’t use most of the time and u also don’t because of other work. So just unchecked them by clicking on the box and press ok button then it will ask you to restart your system.

Task manager:
Task manager is very useful thing which shows the process and memory and processing working to us and gives the immediate command to terminate any application on the spot. So for this we have to press CTRL+ALT+DEL by pressing these windows appear which is

Performance showing us the performance of the CPU here. Also the pf usage which is actually the memory So by this we can see the usage of the computer.
If we click on the application it will show us the running applications which we are running on the computer. The process shows the process which are running on the computer. So now I am telling you the very useful things which we ignore all the times and computer get slower.

It looks like this it shows all the running process. We also can terminate software’s which we don’t want to run any more by just selecting on this window and then press end process it will close from the memory and in real it deleted that process from the memory. So to close the yahoo messenger I will select it and then press the end process it will close from my computer. So now lets look it in a deeper a little bit. That suppose we are searching from the internet and we got install acrobat reader on our machine so we got a pdf file on computer and it find a file which is in PDF format we click on it and it load pdf and show us the file in the internet explorer then we just read it or save it to hard drive and start working on other program but actually the pdf is still running in the memory and it is taking memory like it is showing you the pdf file. So you have to terminate that from the task manage from end process then it will stop working and release the computer memory. Like this many more works so I tell you just give a try to your self and check it what you are running and if you terminate them then check the computer performance and the speed.

Unnecessary software’s:
We are in habit to install unnecessary software to our computer and then it is useless even we don’t uninstall them. So for this make sure you need the software and if you don’t then don’t install it and don’t go for the update if you don’t need the update.
These are some techniques which will help you a lot to over come and you kindly feel free to contact us for further information we are here to help you out.

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