Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cs101 Subjective portion 2

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There were 31 MCQs and 10 Short questions.
Short questions were of 2,3,5 and 10 Marks
The short questions i remembered are:

1) what is an array
2) What is samentic errors
3) Javascript event hadler
4) Charectrisitics of Internet.(Any Five)
5) types of Cybercrime(Any two)
6) Advantages of Functions of programme(Any Three)
7) What is Delemma of Computing
8) TCP/IP Stands for?
9,10 were of some codes about javascript.

No web page design/develop required in HTML and JAVA.

i observed that 70% paper was from VU old papers. So please also try to prepare the same.
Array is an indexed list of elements.In Javascript,arrays are implemented in the form of the 'Array'object.The key property of the 'Array' object is length,i.e the numbers of elements in an array.Two of the Array methods are reverse() andsort()
Semantic errors are those errors which occurs during coding the language.When a statement executes and has an effect not intended by the programmer,it is said to be having Semantic error in it.These are hard to detect during normal testing.Oftenly occurs,only in unusual and infrequent circumstances.
Event Handlers is the capturing events and responding them.The system sends events to the program and program responds to them as arrive.Events can include things a user does,like clicking the mouse,or the things that a system itself does,like updating a clock.Programs that can capture and responds to events are called Event-driven programs.Javascript was basically designed for writing such programs.Almost all programs written in Javascript are event-driven programs.

TCP/IP stands for Transmission control protocol and Internet protocol

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