Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cs201 intro to programming

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Total time : 2 hours
Total Questions : 41
MCQ = 30 of 1 number each

Definitions = 1number + 2 number + 3 number each.

3rd & 4h last Q = 5 number

Last & 2nd Last Q = 10 number (classes use and write a bank cash draw program)

Questions ab mujhay theak se yaad nhy lakin try karta hon ke ap ko samjh lagh jaye.

Q. is this possible to overload destructor ?
Q. what is constructor? and its work?
Q. write the syntax of New and Delete operator.
Q. Disadvantages of inline function.
Q. what is (*this) pointer ??? usage.
Q. last 2 questions classes use kartay hoy program bananay thay.
Q. aik 3 number ke question mien chota sa program likha tha jiss mien error find karna tha. (use of new/delete operator).

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