Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Usful tips to attempting final exam

Attempting Paper
These are some useful tips to attempt the exam.

First after the login if you are in the vu exam center then try to login first. It will helpful you to get the first paper and it will be the easiest paper as it generates first easy and the rest of the all are randomly.
Read the MCQ’s carefully the options of them are some times involved in the subjective paper and u can quote it as example and get maximum marks.
Don’t help your friends who are sitting with you. It might be waste of time and you will lose your consatration in the exam. Its time to consatrate on your exam.
When preparing for exam kindly do read the tips after the lecture these tips will help you to find the most important concept which will come in the MCQ’s and also in the subjective.
Always use the word process for the typing for the subjective question’s answer. It will correct your words automatically.
If you are attempting the CS101 then use front page inside the program. Suppose you get the question which you have to write the code you may write there and then preview or write it in notepad and then save as HTML and then execute in the explorer and see the right answer and get solved the coding errors.
In some of the reference books u will find the MCQ’s in the end of the chapter kindly solved them.
Don’t consult with the offline papers which are downloaded from virtulians.com or vulhr.com etc these are waste of time.
For further information kindly do consult with vuhelps@gmail.com or feel free to call 03455242488

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