Saturday, June 27, 2009

Old vu papers from websites

Asalam o Alikum!
Dear fellows,
Hope you all are fine. Today I want to share a very important information with all of you. As we are enrolled in first semester. We all are consulting with the old papers. But reality that we faced in our midterm is not the same as we consult with the sites which allow us to download the old papers. In real time systems from where we do the online papers. Actually they are not online( Offline). As I want to tell you that they are not online exams. They are offline. What happens before 2 days of examination date they send the papers to the center’s. Then when we go suppose on 1st of july to attempt the exam they will put it to the local server. The password of the exam comes 15 minutes before the exam start vu email them. Then they take all the exams and at 7pm assemble them in a email and send them. But they are not able to open them. Because of encryption. I just interviewed to a administrator who follows the instructions of vu.
So the paper we download from the web they are totally changed. The timing the questions, instructions and the short questions and MCQ’s all are changed.
So I want to tell you that share your paper. Vu paper that suppose I got exam of CS101 and there are 12 days. So each time all the centers atleast 1 student is attempting the CS101 exam. So they just got 10 papers which are different to each other and come daily randomly. So if I have a group and I ask first person what you have faced he tell his/her friend. Then the other will be easiser a bit and he tell him/her the other one like MGT301 etc. So I am making a group here kindly my request is to join it and share the papers. So we will at least get real help from them. Don’t waste your time by downloading the exam from the site and get nothing except of time wastage.
So kindly join this group
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