Monday, June 1, 2009


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Question No.1
Write a final collection letter to a company Rahman Builders Cavalry Ground for unpaid Rs.500, 000/-, which is five months overdue. The company has failed to entertain any of your requests for the above amount.

Ans 1

Mehdi traders,
The mall sadder,

June 1,2009,

Mr.Rahman Ahmad,
The general manager,
Rahman builders,
Cavalry ground,
Dear Mr. Rahman,

Our collection department has informed me about your credit, that you have failed to answer any of our request and appeal for payment of Rs 500000/-, which is over due by four months.
As a general manager of Mehdi traders, I personally appeal you to settle the matter before I take some legal action. You can make me a telephone call to settle the matter out of court.
Therefore I ask you to contact me by 15th of this month to resolve the issue. Otherwise I will take the legal action to collect the payment, which is not good for you and us.

Yours truly,

Mehdi khan
General manager.

Kh/n k

Question No.2

Write an interoffice memorandum to the staff being a president of a company about the merger (to be part of another organization) of your company with ABC Company; also make it clear to the staff that their previous jobs will be retained and mention the details of benefits provided in the new company.

Ans 2


To: Mr.Abbas from: Zain mehdi
Dept: marketing President
Subject: merger of the company. Date: June 1, 2009.

It is to inform you about the merger of our company with Jahangeer traders.
In the current situation it was beneficial for our company to work with Jahangeer traders. So management has decided to become part of Jahangeer traders. Now our company is a part of Jahangeer traders.
It is good news for you that, all the employees will retain the same position and job in the new company that they had in the old one. More over some new benefits will be provided in the company, those are as follows.
1) Bonus pay and extra allowances
2) Pick and drop service
3) Children education
4) Flex work time.
It is expected that you will work with the same devotion and dedication for the company.

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