Monday, June 1, 2009

Date Sheet tchnique

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To get maximum marks by following this article.
Hope you all are fine. Dear fellows as you know that the date sheet date has been announced.
“Published On: Friday, May 29, 2009
“MAKE YOUR OWN DATESHEET” for the Spring 2009 Final Term Exams will be available from 5th to 12th June, 2009. Those who fail to make their datesheet within this period may request in the next six days on payment of late fee.”
Here I am telling you all that I observed how to make a datesheet and get maximum marks.

When you going to make date sheet. First you think about your self and then for other’s. I suggest you to don’t make the combine date sheet. Its meaning that if you are in MBA group and your class mates are making date sheet and you select the same time as they selected then what will happen you don’t have any idea. When you will go to vu exam center and you got the login name and password after entering the paper will download to your desktop and it will be generated randomly. Suppose 10 people are giving that exam all of them will get different paper to each other. So some get easy some will get average and some of you will get hard. So the easy person will think that he/she get maximum marks and don’t get anything false. The average one will also think and harder will also if someone ask him/her he /she will get irritate so the main point that no one going to help with heart to anyone.
I got the solution for this that don’t blame to your friends that you didn’t help me there. You know that when you making your date sheet suppose you select your cs101 paper on 8th of july. The center you select there is not a single person who is giving this paper. You have any idea that which paper will you given by the vu system to solve? Let me tell you. You will get the easiest paper. Because they set in their system that if one person is giving the paper he/she get easy paper and system generate that paper. It is 100% testified. So you have 80% chance to get maximum marks. Because it is so easy. I got cs201 paper and I solved it in 8 minutes. Because it was very easy and in that paper I have to cover 22 lectures and I did only 18th and paper come in to first 14th lectures. Not only in this also in other subjects too. Because I am doing MCS and in jhelum only 3 persons are doing MCS I don’t know other person’s So I was alone in every paper. I get every paper very easy. So it is testified I share this with MBA student he says the same. Because he was doing job and he did them at evening time and also in Sunday. So kindly do follow this procedure and don’t blame your friends that they didn’t help you out to solve this issue. Believe me by working this you will get maximum marks.
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