Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CS 101 Assignment # 5


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CS 101 Introduction to Computing
Assignment # 05
Total Marks 20
Your assignment must be uploaded / submitted before or on 08-06-2009.
Upload Instructions
Please view the assignment submission process document provided to you
by the Virtual University to upload the assignment.
Rules for Marking
Please note that your assignment will not be graded if:
• It is submitted after due date
• The file you uploaded does not open
• The file you uploaded is copied from some one else or from internet
• It is in some format other than .doc
• Each object should not have your own id
• Images are added instead of editable objects
The assignment has been designed to enable you to:
• Insert objects in Microsoft Word document
• Make a Microsoft Excel Worksheet
• Make a power point slide
• Use Paint
• Create Excel chart

Question 20 marks

In a Microsoft Word document insert the following objects:
1. Power Point Slide
2. Microsoft Excel Worksheet
3. Bitmap Image
4. Microsoft excel chart
Use attractive colors and put your id in above objects.

Your solution may look like this:

Power Point Slide Object

Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object

Bitmap Image Object

For this assignment first go and open powerpoint there you will in first slide write your name and your roll number and save it in documents as name abc.ppt then you open word processor and in blank document you type ur assignment # and name and roll number then click on insert and then on object in object See the image and follow this.

Then you just follow the image and browse then select the abc and just press ok it will come to your word processor.
After this open excel and write 10 to 100 in cells and then put ur name and id and then again save it. again now in word processor open and insert then browse and put the file and then open again excel insert chart by selecting a value and then save and insert and also the file in mspaint then save it as bitmap. IF you didn't save it as bitmap then the teacher will not give you marks they can chechk.
Here's a trick that i want to share if you don't save as bitmap the file size will be in 100kb to 200kb but if you save it as bitmap and insert as object your file size might be from 700kb to 1mb so size is the trick in this assignment and it works so kindly do this. One announcement for all that kindly do follow the blog and also kindly if you don't make this assignment your self email to vuhelps@gmail.com and put your id and password i assure you will get a assignment and just upload it to vulms it will change from other's.
Microsoft excel chart Object inser it by following this all.
its the same



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