Tuesday, June 23, 2009

GDB of CS101

"Java Script is better than other scripting languages for web design"

Javascript is a programming language that runs on a web browser. It was developed by the same folks who gave us Netscape and was first implemented in version 2 of the browser. Jscript is Microsofts' implementation of Javascript for Internet Explorer. By the by, Javascript is not a subset of Java, infact, the two languages share little in common (yes, they share a few basic concepts but the syntax is different and so is the application). Naming their language "JavaScript", was just a clever marketing ploy by Netscape Communications. It was initially called Livescript but when Sun Microsystems released Java and it became very popular, Netscape renamed their scripting language to JavaScript.

Javascript runs on the browser (client) and does not require any server software. Thus, it is a client-side scripting language. Since all execution takes place on the browser, Javascript is responsible for most of the interactivity on a web page. Image change or text color change on mouseover, creating mouse trails are all possible through Javascript. The language has also been widely used for basic form validation. This seems logical, as it is better to validate a form on the client side than to make several trips to the server. Javascript is commonly embedded inside the HTML page and is thus visible to the visitor.

Javascript can also be written to run on a server and this is based on the ASP model promoted by Microsoft. Java Script is mostly syntactically compatible, but differs from Java in that it is interpreted, rather than compiled, only supports built certain built-in objects and user-defined functions, rather than full support for user-defined classes with inheritence and methods, is integrated with HTML, rather than invoked from HTML files, weakly typed, and dynamically bound. JavaScript is meant to extend HTML to be more of a full programming language, but retaining HTML's ease of use. The principal criticism of Java programming is that it much more complex than HTML programming, more like C++ programming, and therefore is not as accessible to users as HTML. This is an issue that JavaScript attempts to address.

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