Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Technique for Attempting quiz

Subject: Atempting Quiz
Dear fellows,
Asalam o Alikum! I want to point out a very important technical point when we attempt quiz. I observed that in Vu most of the students don’t do the quiz by their self. They ask to their friends to attempt the quiz for them. So let me tell you this in brief. What happen when we use to do this. What is the working of vu quiz generator. How would you get the easy quiz even u didn’t prepar well. What are the techniques from following which you may get maximum marks.
Let me tell you actually what happen. As now we have the idea of the quiz and midterm also. So when we ask our friends or genius people want to attempt the quiz of their friends and then after wards they solve their quiz’s. So what actually happen when they start the first quiz it come very easy and after wards it is getting harder harder and more harder. So vu quiz generator shiffel the quiz and repeate the mcq’s questions in randomly. So the most technical point is this that when they login with their id in the end and think’s that now they are Guru and will get maximum marks the quiz come very hard and tricky and they say oh My God what I have done. My friend will get now maximum marks coz just two questions are not correct and except of all are correct and I will get 6 or 3 marks. It happened most of the time.
Why it happen? You got no idea. Let me tell you well as you know that from the same computer when we logon to vulms they get our ip and the quiz generator also get our ip. So it intelegently recognize the person’s are on the same ip or you may say in campus scenario that they are on share link. So it keep generating the harder quiz after the first one randomly. So I request all Guru’s for the solution that I have found.
What is the solution got any idea? Let me tell you in a very gentle way. That the idea is behind this when you want to attempt quiz you make sure from that link no one has attempt the quiz if someone attempt the quiz I recommend you to attempt your quiz from your home pc. From your dial up or from DSL. But first attempt your own and then attempt someone’s else. Because you don’t want to lose your marks without any reason. So here now you got the knowledge that why it happened.
What is the best way to attempt quiz without preparation? Well as you know when the quiz is going to announce they told you that from suppose lecture no 32 to 35 your quiz will be held on let say 12-06-09. So you first download your lectures from vu side in the form of PDF and use the latest version. Then open all the lectures and then try to search a word in the pdf. Let says in Data communication quiz you got a word invert bit. So it’s the main key that the mcq is asked about. So you simple type this in search in acrobade and then search it if you don’t get in the lecture 32 if you have separate files for all lectures if you have one then you will get it withn the file and then keep searching when it shows the result and click on it in 90 Sec you have enough time to do so. Then tally it with your quiz. You will get most of the time I say 80% the right answer doesn’t matter which subject you are attempting.
What if we attempt in it in Group manner? Well this is a bit difficult proceger but following this I asure you you will get 90% of marks confirm doesn’t matter it come hard harder even tricky. Let me do this for guru’s they think that they are not going to help student’s who are week in studies. Well the concept is in LAN(Local Area Network) in Xp you got Netmeeting in the system. You simply click on start button and then click on run and type conf and press ok or Enter. Then a form will appear you simply fill it and then netmeeting will start it is like messenger but it is very powerful. You can share your desktop. Well on system where you are going to attempt the quiz configure netmeeting and except pc’s also configure netmeeting then suppose you are 5 students one Guru is attempting quiz and others are sitting on the other pc’s so guru pc should share the desktop and connect all the other students to the guru pc well you have to call the guru pc by dialing his ip. To get guru ip on guru pc click on start and then run and then type cmd it shows the dos and there type ipconfig you will get the local ip says like it can be change I am telling my local ip. So then they will connect then share the desktop. Then when you attempt the quiz they will see the main window and then they open the acrobade reader and searching in it see now searching is 4 time faster and efficient in 90 seconds which means 90 sec Multiply by 4 equal to 360sec. So it’s the trick. You should be efficient in this.
From where we can get the MCQ ideas? Well most of the mcq’s come from the book and they are given in the end of the reference book relevant chapter to the quiz. So you should solve them I mean the group. Then it will help you to make the quiz 100%.
Kindly give your comments after getting the membership of the vuhelps. Because it’s the platform on which we can share and exchange our views and the question which are arrases in our mind’s.
Wish you best of your final term exams.


yasir said...

salam to all dears i badly need the 5th assignment of cs201 is there any one who sent me the soloution plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

aish said...

how 2 download lecture inPDF form and from where(tell me the link),plz explain