Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vulms is down

Virtual University of Paksitan is now in top 10 universities in Distance Learning. But as today i noticed its VULMS(Virtual University Learning Management System) is down. Due to low disk space.The error message is

"Could not load file or assembly 'App_Licenses' or one of its dependencies. There is not enough space on the disk. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070070)"

So This univeristy is getting alot of forighn funnding and earning more then 10000000Rs which is equall to 121951.21$ per month. about 50,000 Students are doing
  1. MCS
  2. MS(CS)
  3. MBA
  4. MIT
  5. BCS
  6. BBA
  7. B.COM
  8. BS(CS)
  9. BCS
  10. BA
The most of the students are enrolled in Master's programe. So most of the students are doing jobs. They don't consatrate on their studies due to their job. So they always looking for assignments solutions. They don't have time to study and consult with the notes. So that's why they always looking for the help. But there are some websites which are providing help. But they consatrate on ads earning. Like they puted ads of Google adsense on their websites.
The sites which are working for the earning not only just the help for students are.
So instead of all the sites. I found on Number 1. The reason behind this site is. It provide the help on the desk of students on right time. All the new comer know the guy very well. This site is working on the cbt's video training for students in urdu languge. Because most of the guys find it very difficult. This site is providing Pakistan all leading news paper job ads daily on the web. So from the web they get in touch with the jobs announcement and they put it honestly. This good website provide the old assignments, old papers and mcq's of the different courses. It is not just consatrating on the ads. It give more preference to the students. They guy who is working for student is giving full time to study and students related issues and provide them the right support and help on time. This website also got a very good forum. Where students are registering and its growing fast. So you will find all the relevent information on this forum and it shows you the seriousness of students with vu(Virtual university) and with the study. Its not the gupshup corner like most of the vu helping websites are providing. The colour scheme of shows the professonalism behind the effort which is for the students. So i recommend you if you want to get the real help on your desk then do join this and be the first to get help and do help other students from your experience. Because in VULMS which is down you just can communicate with the teacher. But in the forum of you will discuss all the issues with students. Teacher some time do not reply you may check your vulms if its working. If not then don't be amaze its most of the time down. So get REGISTER your self with vuhelp.
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