Monday, October 12, 2009

CS302 fall 2009 Assignment No. 1

Due Date:Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted before or on 17th October 2009.Total Marks: 20Rules for Marking:It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:o The assignment is submitted after due date.o The submitted assignment file is corrupted.o The assignment is copied.o The assignment material is directly copied from internet.Note:Your answer must follow the below given specifications. You will be assigned no marks if you do not follow these instructions.• Font style: “Times New Roman”• Font color: “Black” • Font size: “12” • Bold for heading only. • Font in Italic is not allowed at all.• No formatting or bullets are allowed to use.

Question No: 1(a)Determine the decimal value of the signed binary number ‘11101000’ expressed in 1’s complement Marks: 5

(b) Convert the gray code ‘10101111’ to binary Marks: 5

Question No: 2What will be the out put F of the following circuit at inputs? A B C(i) 0 0 0(ii) 0 1 0(iii) 1 1 1(iv) 1 0 1(v) 1 0 0 Marks 10

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