Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vu MBA course Selection for 3rd semester.

Vu course selection for 3rd semester is

Course Code Title Type Credit Hours
IT430 E-Commerce Required 3
MGT602 Entrepreneurship Required 3
MKT501 Marketing Management Required 3
STA630 Research Methods Required 3
BNK601 Banking Laws & Practice Elective 3 Banking
BNK604 Management of Financial Institutions Elective 3 Banking
CS201 Introduction to Programming Elective 3 Management Information System
CS403 Database Management Systems Elective 3 Management Information System
FIN621 Financial Statement Analysis Elective 3 Finance
FIN622 Corporate Finance Elective 3 Finance
HRM611 Human Relations Elective 3 Human Resource Management
HRM624 Conflict Management Elective 3 Human Resource Management
MGMT510 Total Quality Management Elective 3 Management
MGMT623 Leadership & Team Management Elective 3 Management
MKT610 Customer Relationship Management Elective 3 Marketing
MKT621 Advertising & Promotion Elective 3 Marketing

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