Monday, September 14, 2009

Vu Course Selection

In Virtual University spring 2009 session the course selection is only for those who are in 3rd or 4th semester. Its not for the first and the second semester students. So please dont worry about it. Its not for the students who are in first or second semester.
It is applied on those students who got the exemption. Like i got exemption in 8 courses so it is for me. In first semester my 4 subjects were exempt so they offer me the course selection. So right now i have to get in the 3rd semester. So i have the course selection option.

What if someone is fail in the first semester prerequsite subject?
Yes if someone is fail in prerequsite subject then he/she going to repeat that subject first then going to get the other subject. For example in MCS Intro to C is the prerequsite subject for C++ Object Orented programming. If someone is fail in this C subject he/she not going to get this subject in next semester. He/she going to repeat it. But if someone is fail in CS101 then he/she will reappear in the 3rd semester. In 3rd semester got the option to get 9 subjects. So there you can repeat the subjects The degree requriement CGPA is 2.0. So you may repeat D grade subjects also C. Its up to you.
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spring said...

I m in second semester and passed all subjects of 1st semester. in course selection window vu asking for course selection out of 9 given subjects. I want to know that either I can choose any 6 subjects out of nine or not.

M Ashraf