Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Virtual University Mobile Based Community

We are providing the first ever Mobile based community which will help you through out your study. You will be able to get the latest updates from this community and will able to share your views and useful information from your mobile cell. So now I want to tell you how to join this community . When you subscribe for the mobile based community you will get the new updates and I am telling you how to join this.

When you logon to www.vuhelp.com on the left side you will see an image You enter your number and press register,In next step

Press next and wait for the confirmation code. When it comes so in next step,

You enter your code and verify it. Now you become the member of vuhelps mobile community. Now I am telling you how to do the next step which are the commands which you should know how to work or operate with this community and get the latest updates or share your educational views.

Log on to http://www.chopaal.pk/index.php then you may register here as new user or if u follow the previous way then you have to click on forget password and then select the code your number and send the request when you get the password on your mobile via message. Click on login select code enter your number and give that password and login.

When you are login then you see a page on which left side up see search type vuhelps and search then you see vuhelps tag is there so simply press join button and be the member of vuhelps mobile community.

Commands from which you can communicate with the community.

  1. To broadcast a message

.vuhelps Message send to 03324672255

by using this your message will be broadcast. If you receive a message then don’t simply reply follow this method. So when your message is broad cast you will get a confirmation message and also you then check the www.vuhelp.com screen you will see the message there also. You can press the arrow button there to see the whole community messages on the web also.

  1. If you still not understand then please type this command to get more help

Help send 03324672255

So dear its all about what I have discovered. So I hope you all will be join this mobile community for study based. Purpose.

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