Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Searching techniques

Searching as you know is the very basic and nassasry thing for us to find the relevant things on internet. So a lot of difference is there when we search. is the search engine which is widely used by 80% of the whole world who use to search. So yahoo search engine is now on second so Microsoft launch a search engine which is working day by day. But the technique which google got is very good and it basically show you the results which pages are view mostly in the world. So that’s why google is very good search engine and make it different with others so here are some points by that you may get the good and different results.

  1. open and type virtually help, virtually + help and virtually and help.
  2. See virtually or help and use this as virtually ^ help.
  3. Virtually | help, Virtually & help and use many more stuff and check ur self.
  4. Use virtually help and press in google I m feeling lucky and see what happen.

These are some tips which I am not telling you about the results you should try these and get the results your self and see amazing results and it will give you some idea about the real searching techniques.

Also For the Capital Sensitivity

If a search keyword is capitalized, the search engine will return only documents containing the capitalized word. For example, if you were interested in documents relating to the country of China, capitalizing the word when using an engine that supports capital sensitivity narrows the number of results returned, eliminating documents that relate to china dishes or cookery. Note however, that in many instances it's better to leave keywords uncapitalized so that the results contain keywords in either form.

Phrase Searching

When using search terms containing more than one word, enclosing them in quotation marks, returns documents containing the exact phrase only. Here's an example: When searching for information on gun control legislation, using "Virtually Help" eliminates documents that contain the words Virtually and Help, but not in that order; possibly in entirely different paragraphs and maybe not even relating to the topic of Virtually Help


If you are looking for information on vuhelps, you could use it as your keyword. However, if your results are limited in number (though not likely with vuhelps) and you want to broaden your search, use a root part of the word and abbreviate it with an asterisk (vuhelps*). The engine will return links to documents containing vuhelps, vuhelp, vuhelper, vuhelpers, and so on..

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