Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I want to tell you something. Don't ask for assignment. Do it your self. Because it is useless in Distance Learning you do nothing and just asking for that anyone have done this assignment please send it to me. Think when you will complet your degree and will go to market how you all will act, then compare your self with other people who done same degree from a wellknown university. What will be your watage? So kindly share and discuss your study topics only and don't beg for assignment to other's. Be confident on your self. May be it seems to be harsh to anybody. But you people should realise this truth. So from today think about it seriously. Don't cheat with your self. We all when complet our degree's and go for job in market if we virtualians work on merit it will represent our Virtual University Value in market. It will be benificial for other student's also. Hope its the answer of all Assignments.


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