Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hibernating increase system boot speed and shutdown speed

Hibernating increase system boot speed and shutdown speed

We always want that our system boot in just 1 second but most of people don’t know how to do this. Here we have a solution that how to increase system boot speed. An ordinary system take’s minimum 30sec to boot system and maximum 2 minutes. So when you have any important work or an idea come to your mind and want to implement then sometime it happened you forget it during the boot of Operating System. So its not good for students or employers to forget the idea’s. It seems to be irritating sometime. I am telling all of you behavior of computer user’s. Most of people agree with it. Here schedule loadsheeding then in last 10 second someone wants to shutdown the system it take minimum 30sec and maximum 2 minute and you have to close all the running programme in just 10 second’s. After performing this lab you will get faster booting and shutdown speed on your system doesn’t matter you got maximum ram or minimum. It works fine on all system. Even if you will hibernate your system your current running applications will remain the same when you will boot your system next time and you don’t have to open them again.

Performing this lab you will able to get the benefit that are mentioned up.
Step 1: First click on start button and press run then type “control” press ok. It will open control panel.

Step 2: In control panel double click on “Power Options”. Then check the hibirnte tab and check the hibernate on. Press ok.

Step 3: Now hibernate is on your system. When ever you want to off your system click on start shutdown and select “Hibernate” and press ok it doesn’t matter your explorer is open or msoffice or other application it will just minimize it and closed. When u will logon next time it will boot in 5 to 10 second and all the application will be opend as you left them last time. Its very useful tip kindly give comments and suggestion it will help me a lot.

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