Monday, August 17, 2009

Virtual University Online Elections

This is the idea which comes in my mind when I got a lot of problems facing with virtual university administration. So with the VU election we can solve our problems. As you know 33,000 Students appear in this final term. So it’s the huge strength and we still have not any kind of election in our University environment. So why not we have it now? It’s the great idea. Many of you will not agree with me. But 80% students will agree when they will get the solutions on their desk in minutes. So they still call and email to vu and get no reply nothing when it will goes to the committee which we will make after this all discussion send the recommendation to virtual university then they will work on it and give us the immediate response. So it would be the best way to get the solutions of all the problems. I request you to think about it and give some suggestions to me. I am working on it. The election criteria which I got in my mind is that if someone wants to be candidate then he should have to prove at least 25 students are with him. How it can be possible? This is the main question. Its very simple he/she have to send email to an email address where at least 25 students reply him and he have to forward that whole email to some email. Where we verify that he got the strength. Its just an idea. Everything start from idea. So take it positively. In every city we got our leadership who will solve the issues. Like the one I strongly mention here. That when the virtual university started they provide the handouts free. But after some time they ask students to pay for it. So it’s the serious issue. That its government university and they provide’s the funds and where all money goes? No body point outs this. Did we? We don’t have any concern with this. We belongs to rich family and we can pay what ever university ask us. The online system of checking paper is very simple all the MCQ’s that are provided are checked by computer with the algrothim working behind it. They just have to look at the theoretical part. So why they ask for 300Rs for the rechecking? Its not the good one . So dear fellows we have a lot of problems we should take some serious action against it. Your comments will be the key point. Please participate and give me suggestions. It’s the topic for the chat. Also look this site which is under construction. and the chat which is completed check this i will be thankful to you. Get register with vuhelps by clicking on follow button.

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