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ATM_Acc (Table of ATM Card Account),

Assignment No. 02

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Your answer must follow the below given specifications. You will be assigned zero marks if you do not follow these instructions.

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· Bold for heading only.

· Font in Italic is not allowed at all.

· No formatting or bullets are allowed to use.

Assignment: (Marks:20)

You have the following scenario in which bank maintains their ATM information.

You are given three tables:

ATM_Acc (Table of ATM Card Account), Person (Table of the Person Detail), Transactions_Details:

  1. ATM_Acc: atmcardno, bankacc_no, person_id, pin_code, branch_name, branch_id, security_question, issue_date, expiry_date, card_type, card_limit, multiple_transaction, status_of_card.
  2. Person: person_id, name, temp_addr, permanent_addr, phone_no, mobile_no, father_name, date_of_birth, NIC.
  3. Transaction_Details: amount, bankacc_no, date, branch, balance, atmcardno,

Note: ATM transaction can only be performed from the bank which issued the person ATM card. You can consult the tables given in lecture slides (ppt slides for lecture # 11) to determine the complexity of ILF, EIF, EI, EO, and EQ:

You should consider only the above given tables for the following operations being performed:

  • Add a ATM card (with all its details)
  • Delete the record of a ATM Card
  • Update the record of the ATM card
  • Add a new person (with all its details) in the system
  • Do the transaction using ATM Card.
  • Generate a report that shows the number of Transactions between two given dates.
  • Issue an ATM card to the person.

Keeping in view the given scenario, you have to find the following:

a) Identify the number of ILF and EIF in the system.

b) Determine the no. of RETs and DETs in the system.

c) Determine the complexity of ILFs and EIFs ?

d) Identify all the transaction operations (EI, EO, EQ) in the system.

e) Find the complexity of EI, EO, and EQ?

f) Determine the un-adjusted function point count of the given system.

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